Meet our Acupuncturist

Dr. Christian Disla

Doctor of Oriental Medicine
Licensed Acupuncturist

Christian Disla acupuncturist

Dr. Christian Disla, was born and raised in New Jersey and moved down to Central Florida in
January 2016 with hopes of escaping the cold weather and sharing his love of Chinese Medicine
in a much warmer climate. Christian is a graduate from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, he
began his studies in 2008 in the New York campus, and completed the Master’s program in the
San Diego campus in 2013. He received his National Certification, as well as his license to
practice, and has been successfully practicing as an Acupuncture Physician for the past 7 years.


Dr. Christian was first inspired to study Acupuncture through a knee injury he sustained whilst practicing
Kung Fu. His teacher, at that time, played a key role in the healing of Christian’s knee injury and
of his peers. It was at that moment in his life he knew that he wanted to become an Acupuncturist
and follow in the footsteps of his teacher. Seeing the correlation between his kung fu practice and
this method of medicine, as well as the health benefits, led Christian to his passion of healing
others through Acupuncture.


Christian discovered his specialty in pain management after working in a chiropractic clinic in
New York City. He enjoys incorporating the efficacy of Chinese Medicine with the healing art of
Chi Kung in the treatment of those suffering with pain. He finds that in order to relieve oneself of
this discomfort a person must take the body through a wide range of motion in order to promote
circulation and relieve the symptom. Outside of the clinic Christian enjoys spending time with his wife Melissa at Disney World and continues to expand his knowledge of healing. He also maintains a daily practice of both Kung Fu and Chi Kung.

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